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Yondu - Foodie influencer partnerships

the brief_

Siren wanted to take consumer understanding and engagement with Yondu Vegetable Umami to the next level. We ran a series of targeted, paid for influencer partnership programmes allowing consumers and followers, both existing and new, to learn more about what Yondu is and how, is can be used in all cooking to immediately enhance flavour. 

the approach_

To date, over 15 influencer partnerships have been run all of which have featured extensive product and brand briefings to our chosen influencers by both the Siren team and Yondu’s Head Chef Jaume Bairnes from the Yondu culinary studio in NYC. This ensured each influencer understood what the brand objectives were, key brand messaging and, allowed for collaborative conversation to be had to explore how our collective efforts can achieve the best results for the client. Each influencer was tasked with developing and posting a series of education cooking videos that brought to life how Yondu can be used and featured direct purchase links alongside unique prodcuct discount codes.

The engagement levels and following demographic of each influencer were analysed to ensure the right audience was being reached. Each partnership has developed into a long-term brand relationships that Siren continue to nurture and develop, creating everlasting results for Yondu.

the result_

Influencer Partnerships

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