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Yondu Influencer Gifting Campaign

The Brief_

Siren was selected to be given the responsibility of carrying out the launch of Yondu in the UK market by Sempio, the oldest brand in Korea and leading manufacturer of fermented food products.​

Yondu had succesfully launched in the US and Spain and is much-loved by the chef world over. However, for consumers in the UK it had no existing presence and no brand familiarity. Umami-based seasonings were not well-known or widely used in the UK prior to the launch, and the consumer understanding of umami was poor.​

Therefore, introducing a new flavour to the everyday household cook and improving understanding of the product and its possibilities was going to be a challenge in encouraging sales and boosting brand affinity.​

The Siren team was tasked with driving this awareness and ultimately sales of the product across the UK through the use of a fully integrated and comprehensive campaign – tackling the challenge from all angles in order to ensure that no stone was left unturned!​

The Approach_

Siren acted as the central hub of communications for Yondu in the UK, taking a balanced, holistic and calculated approach to increasing brand exposure, understanding and affinity as well as managing the various partners necessary to make such a splash.​

The integrated campaign involved the development of influencer partnerships and community collaborations, growing Yondu’s UK social media accounts and brand presence within the market.​

Throughout 2022 and beyond, Siren gifted bottles of Yondu to strategically selected micro and macro influencers every month, allowing profile figureheads and known tastemakers within the target demographic to trial and review the brand.​

This resulted in consistent social media exposure, paid conversions and a cult following for the brand by foodie-based influencers. ​

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