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people & culture – walking the talk March 03, 2022

This month, Siren is excited to kick-off two important initiatives for the business, supporting our growth strategy and honoring the commitment to our mission of ‘continually striving to deliver the best results for our people, clients, partners, and the planet. Our two first business improving initiatives are focused on our people and culture. 


Siren Comms is delighted to join the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) to support the continual professional development of our team and we have begun work with the National Centre for Diversity towards achieving Investors in Diversity accreditation. 


Whilst we have always taken great pride in our ethical conduct, transparent approach and focus on people, joining the CIPR supports our commitment to developing and investing in our wonderful people even further. Without people our business would be nothing. And boy do we have some wonderful people across our team. 



The CIPR is the world’s ‘only Royal Chartered professional body for public relations practitioners, boasting nearly 10,000 members’ and works in partnership with its members to ‘set, maintain and advance the standards in which public relations is conducted in’. 


In joining this professional body, we are committing to working within the CIPR’s ethical Code of Conduct set in place to hold practitioners accountable to their employers, clients and the wider public – something which has always been at the core of our approach as practitioners within the industry.  


We will also be able to access the institute’s Continuing Professional Development scheme and Accreditation and Chartership programmes ensuring that our team is offered the BEST possible training and development support. 



The second significant business decision is to commit to working closely with the National Centre for Diversity to achieve their Investors in Diversity accreditation. This process evaluates businesses through staff and partners to ensure their organization promotes Fairness, Respect, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement as part of its policies and practices. Whilst we are proud to have built a business and team culture in which these values are respected and promoted, every business must look to improve in this space, and this is our commitment to do so. 


Stay tuned over the course of the next few months for live updates, learnings, and successes the team will be sharing as we embark on this journey of development, education, improvement and, of course, celebration.