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5 Tips on marketing to disabled people

Introducing Stacey, our PR and marketing expert specialising in Siren Comms disability, charity and not for profit accounts. With a focus on ‘Made By Dyslexia,’ ‘Motability,’ and the ‘Seeing Dogs Alliance,’ Stacey amplifies their impact through strategic communication. Her passion for inclusivity and exceptional storytelling drives positive change for individuals with disabilities.

Marketing to disabled people requires a thoughtful and inclusive approach that respects the unique needs and experiences of individuals – there is no one-size-fits-all. By adopting inclusive practices, brands can create meaningful connections and tap into an often-underserved consumer segment. Here are some key considerations for effectively marketing brands to disabled people:


  1. Representation and Diversity: Include disabled individuals in your marketing campaigns and materials, ensuring their representation reflects the diversity within the disability community. This helps disabled consumers relate to your brand and fosters a sense of inclusion.


  1. Accessibility: Ensure your brand’s website, social media platforms, and physical locations are accessible to individuals with disabilities. Incorporate features like alt text for images, captions for videos, and easy-to-navigate interfaces that are compatible with assistive technologies.


  1. Language and Communication: Use clear, simple, and inclusive language in your marketing materials. Be mindful of various communication needs and offer options like text-based alternatives, sign language interpreters, or audio descriptions.


  1. Collaborate with Disability Advocacy Organisations: Partner with disability advocacy groups to gain insights and perspectives from disabled individuals. This collaboration can help ensure your marketing efforts are authentic, respectful, and impactful.


  1. Education and Awareness: Provide educational content that promotes disability awareness and addresses common misconceptions. This can help bridge the knowledge gap and foster a more inclusive society. 

By implementing these strategies, brands can authentically connect with disabled individuals, build trust, and foster long-term relationships.

If your brand or organisation is seeking inclusivity or operating in this space, Stacey would be thrilled to engage in a conversation with you. Please visit our contact page here –