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Loving Lego’s Sense Of Humour


Or more accurately, the sense of humour and creativity from the team charged with promoting the recently released Lego Batman movie.

You would have been hard pushed not to come across this miniature but no doubt just as lethal version of the caped crusader when he hit our screens. Starring in TV ads for Sky to promote its Broadband Tech, the ads featured Will Arnett who provided the voice of Batman in the original Lego Movie.

Gearing up to the main film release Lego Batman then appeared during Channel 4’s continuity announcements on 2 February to provide his own irreverent take on introductions to the shows. Again Will Arnett provided the voiceovers and it was the first time Channel 4 had been involved in advertising of this type. In total 18 animated introductions were made and broadcast over a four day period in more than 40 ad breaks ahead of its release on 10 February.

Both executions demonstrate the wealth of opportunity that is out there when you take a different approach to marketing and apply creativity to infiltrate and utilise existing media channels and platforms. Now we’re looking forward to grabbing the popcorn and seeing what his trusted side-kick Robin might get up to should there be another spin-off…