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#Loveislove – Pride Comes To London


Pride in London drew huge support across the Capital and the parade through the centre of London on Saturday 8 June saw thousands of supporters celebrating along the route. This year’s events were particularly important as they marked 50 years since homosexuality was legalised in the UK.

Pride as a movement is about visibility, equality and people coming together, and many brands supported this year’s campaign. Some of our favourites were:

• Transport for London wrapped vehicles, added rainbows to its underground signs at major Tube stops and 50 of the city’s Santander cycles (or Boris Bikes) turned multi coloured for the celebration.

• Most of Soho and the West End of London was covered in rainbow flags and many of the high street brands took part. Topshop on Oxford Street had a spectacular rainbow spilling out of its shop onto the road and Starbucks, a gold sponsor of gay pride launched the #NoFilter campaign which promoted living a life without fear or hiding who you truly are. The company also flew the Pride flag over their headquarters in Seattle.

• Channel 4 also ran a series entitled ’50 Shades of Gay’ where actor Rupert Everett explored how gay life has changed since homosexuality was decriminalised.

It was fantastic to see the huge support from big brands and the city awash with colour during the weekend.