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Lifestyle PR requires a dynamic and adaptable approach. And as a complement to travel 

and consumer PR, it’s a natural extension of our responsive, client-focused communications 

style. We understand that understanding your audience is paramount, and by tracking trends

 to find your niche, we’ll identify the touchpoints that trigger a response – both online and #IRL. 

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A lifestyle PR agency with abundant skills to draw on, Siren Comms has the people power to provide objective-focused PR
support for aspirational design, tech, fashion and lifestyle brands. Our talented, friendly team creates brand currency through thought-provoking
storytelling, delivering product launches, press releases, industry events and viral marketing
campaigns with flair and attention to detail. Drawing on international contacts and experience, we provide bespoke PR consultancy
with global reach, demonstrating tangible results via analytics and reporting.
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With Siren Comms, your lifestyle brand is in safe hands. From pre-launch activities and launch events through to brand activation and long-term visibility, we have a track record of delivering results, both in the UK and beyond. 

We build success on strong foundations: Siren’s London agency team is a springboard of knowledge and creativity, passionate about great PR and building long-term relationships with our clients and their online communities.

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To create the most impact, the best lifestyle PR and marketing strategies today not only target traditional media outlets, but also trigger timely digital and social strategies. 

Authenticity may be a well-worn social media marketing buzzword, but knowing what makes an account look and feel authentic – and what will ultimately grow, engage and activate an audience – is a vital skill in today’s millennial-driven market. 

We can develop, evolve and amplify your brand’s visual and verbal messaging, curating pitch-perfect content tailored for every platform from Twitter to Instagram, and broker the influencer endorsements that will really boost your following. 

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