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It’s All Just A Fondant Memory


It’s all over, the marquee is packed away and Mary has gone back to doing whatever Mary did before she started wearing snazzy jackets and became the nation’s most loved TV personality.

That’s right, The Great British Bake Off is no more. I know it’s coming back on Channel Four in a similar guise but they aren’t fooling anyone with a new line-up. Plus, we all saw how well the return of ‘Top Gear’ worked out… There’s a rumour that the Christmas special is going to be a show stopper but unless Mel and Sue change their mind and join in, Mary heads over and they replace Paul with Idris Elba or Phillip Schofield we’re not convinced.

So before we pack it off into the Great Things That Died In 2016 file, here is a quick look at what those in PR can learn from the late, great GBBO…



No one goes into the show stopper round and thinks, ah it’ll do. Same goes with clients’ campaigns, the end goal might get lost when getting carried away in a brainstorm but it’s crucial to always keep the objective in mind. It might be an incredible ROI that knocks everything else out of the kitchen or even such an increase in traffic to the client website causing it to crash (true story – happened at Siren…). We all aim to add value to the work we produce, but it is important not to lose sight of the client needs. I mean, you might produce the most incredible show stopping pavlova, but if the brief was to bake a chocolate cake there’ll be no Hollywood Handshake for you!



As many contestants have shown us – timing is key. Like baking, you need to have a clear to do list and try to stick to it. Better time management would have solved many a burnt crust or soggy bottom.



Yes there is a recipe to follow but as many of the contestants showed us, adding a little bit of creative license (or a lot of chocolate) can deliver a winner. When it comes to generating new ideas for clients or approaching an annual task, its key to stop and ask ourselves if there is a better way of doing this. Successful PR campaigns tend always go the extra mile and try something new.



Despite the show’s best efforts reminding everyone that this is a competition, nowhere is the power of team work more apparent than in that tent. No space in your fridge? Pop over to mine, need more icing sugar, sure have mine. Same goes for PR. We all have tasks to complete but good teamwork creates better communication and ultimately delivers a stronger return for the client.


As the big boss often tell us, “its PR not ER, there is pretty much nothing you can mess up that we can’t fix”. Plus, if all else fails we can always do as hero Jane Beedle did in the last episode – ‘ah just throw some glitter at it’.