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How wild are your wildest dreams? – working with Renegade Pictures


Don’t we all harbour a dream of making some kind of life-changing move and leaving the day to day behind?

Turns out we are not alone …as we found out while supporting the launch of Renegade Pictures newest production – Our Wildest Dreams. In this brand new series, each week they follow a different British family as they leave the UK behind to make a life-changing move- starting completely from scratch, in some of the most remote places on Earth.


Filmed over two years, they track every step of their journey, as the adventurous families leave everything behind to build a new home and life in the wild.
In the first episode -Ex-businesswoman Mari leaves her home in Greenwich, overlooking the skyscrapers of London’s Canary Wharf, for a new life in one of the most remote areas of the Amazon Rainforest, Ecuador. Together with her native husband, Kurikindi, and their five-year-old daughter, Samai, Mari is hoping a move to the wild will be a fresh start and bring the family even closer.

While she has spent some time in a tourist-heavy area of the Amazon before, Mari has never experienced anything like this. She is only the second white person to have ever entered this tiny community of just 26 people, where her husband is welcomed as the local shaman and the family aims to build an indigenous home on gifted land. Torrential rain continuingly hampers the build of their isolated home and the family has no choice but to catch their dinner in a piranha infested river, while also enduring punishing humidity, mosquitos and sleep deprivation.

Can Mari overcome the huge cultural differences and loneliness, as she strives to create a new life for her family in one of the last true wildernesses on Earth?

The first episode airs on Friday 27 April at 8pm on  Channel 4 – watch the clip and tune in on Friday!