HO HO HO can PR influence consumers at Christmas? 5 of the best consumer PR campaigns.

‘Tis the season when Christmas dominates consumer’s mood, their booked up calendar (filled with unnecessary seasonal events and multiple family gatherings) and ultimately their buying behaviour. PR can have a huge influence in the Christmassy feels, which seem to be starting earlier and earlier each year. For me, it all begins when Tesco brings out their wonderful big tins of Quality Streets and Celebrations. But you know it has really started when brands start releasing their highly anticipated festive campaigns all fighting to take that number one spot that has everyone talking about it. How many tears one sheds over TV Christmas adverts seems to determine how consumers choose one specific brand over another when doing their Christmas shopping. I’ve picked my top five PR campaigns that are at the top of my Christmas list this year.

Elton John’s nostalgic John Lewis campaign


This year, John Lewis has produced a story that focuses on the power of a gift and how that gift (the piano) inspired, changed and influenced Elton John’s life. The advert travels backwards throughout Elton’s life until the Christmas day he received the piano. Elton is a well-known and well-liked musician, which appeals to a large audience. Also, by going back in time it gives a nostalgic feel to Christmas, which makes the audience link this feeling to John Lewis.

McDonald’s #ReindeerReady campaign

Here is another campaign that plays on your heart strings. The advert focuses on the tradition of leaving a mince pie and carrots for Father Christmas and his reindeers, a tradition the whole country can relate to. It then finishes with McDonald’s providing a big sack of carrots and potentially saving these lost Christmas traditions.

Sainsbury’s ‘The Big Night’ campaign

This advert stars an eight year old giving the performance of her life, all for her mum. It includes a cast of 59 kids all dressed as a variety of Christmas staples that are also performing to all their families. It’s even been voted the best of 2018, most probably due to the sentimental feel it portrays, with the children ‘giving it their all’ for their parents watching.

Virgin Train ‘it’s a Wonderful Life’

Platforms on the Virgin Trains route from Glasgow to London have been inscribed with quotes from the Christmas favourite film, it’s a Wonderful Life. This is to help people struggling with mental health issues, with the aim of showing how powerful small acts of kindness really can be. This is a simple but strong message which can reach a large amount of people.

Boots #GiftsThatGetThem campaign

This year Boots have focused on celebrating your loved ones by giving them something that says… ‘you get them’. The advert focuses on a mum and daughter’s relationship which makes it relatable to Boots female audience. The advert then ends with the daughter giving her mum a specific product before they hug underneath the Christmas tree, signifying a personal and heart-warming feel to the present.