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Game Of Stunts


The team at Siren Communications is divided. We have plenty of die-hard ‘Throners’ or ‘Throne-heads’ (these are real things apparently) and an equal number of people who when asked if they would be tuning in, wondered loudly of we meant the show with dragons and Jon Snow looking lovely…

We know it is hard to believe but yes, there are people out there who haven’t ever seen, nor care about Game Of Thrones. As the hype around the seventh – yes that’s seven series of umpteen episodes! – hit a crescendo this month as it returned to the TV, the PR machine behind it provided us with a couple of quirky and well executed campaigns.

Now if you have never seen the show there’s approx. two days and seven hours of back to back shows to catch up on… alternatively you can check out a handy ‘everything that has happened so far’ guide from the folks over at the Telegraph – so the following doesn’t seem completely bonkers…

First up is the stunt that saw an army of White Walkers, led by The Night King, strutting through the streets of London. The stunt was picked up by media around the world and whipped fans into a frenzy on social media. A well-played stunt in our book!

Taking a slightly different tac, Tourism Ireland unveiled a massive 250ft tapestry that features the plot of the last six seasons of Game of Thrones. Since filming started for the show in Ireland back in 2010, the country has benefited hugely from a rise in tourism thanks to people wanting to visit the locations in the series.

According to the release, as each episode of season seven is aired, a new section of the tapestry will be stitched and unveiled. It’s a great, albeit ambitious idea, and one that is no doubt ticking all the boxes with the powers that be at the tourist board.