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Full Tweet Ahead!


Brands of the world are breathing a collective sigh of ‘tweet relief’ now that Twitter has given them a few more characters to play with.

Twitter has announced that users now can now take full advantage of the 140 character limit. The character limit used to include images, videos and GIFs, but this has now been taken away meaning that Tweeps can post what they are thinking, and also include a visual element to the Tweet, without running out of space.

Relaxing the character limit, which has defined Twitter in the decade since it was founded, reflects that tweets nowadays include much more additional material, such as polls and GIFs, than when they were comprised simply of text.

For PRs, brands and social media teams alike it means that when they add a photo, GIF, video or poll to their tweet, it will not count towards the 140-character limit. A quote tweet, which displays somebody else’s tweet within your own, will also not count. For brands that have strict rules on how to label tweets or PRs out there trying to find another creative way to insert the #extremelylongandyetverynecessaryfullbrandname in every tweet, the changes give them a little more room to focus on the actual message.

This, coupled with the recently relaxed rules around no longer needing the dot pre‘@’ to ensure more than just those involved can see the tweet, means we all get greater visibility of our tweets and therefore our clients and brands.

Focussing more on the creative and less on restrictions is always a good thing in our book! #tweetaway