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Equality Trailblazing With Celebrity Cruises


Working with amazing people is just one of the best things about being a PR agency with great clients.

Sometimes clients start really special things that make you so proud to be part of their journey.

We’ve been lucky enough to be a partner to Celebrity Cruises for some time. And that has meant working with some truly epic people.

Over recent years under the leadership of their president and CEO, Lisa Lutoff Perlo, we have absolutely loved Celebrity Cruises’ journey to be a more inclusive business and to promote diversity.

Celebrity Cruises now has two female captains at the helm of their ships, most recently Nathaly Alban was appointed the first female captain of a ship sailing in the Galapagos islands. Congratulations Nathaly.

Jobs in the marine sector are hugely male dominated. One of Lisa’s commitments to the business is to up the percentage of women in their ship’s bridge teams. It has increased from 8 per cent to 20 per cent under her tenure. And being a PR savvy kind of business, Celebrity Cruises has also celebrated and profiled its female captains as part of its bid to attract more of the best and most talented women to their teams. It’s a mission we love being part of.

Diversity rocks this side of the pond too. Celebrity Cruises has a female UK boss, who also has Ireland and Asia under her belt, and she ensures that mentoring the best people is part of the business DNA. Working with Jo Rzymowska, Celebrity Cruises’ UK, Ireland and Asia vice president and managing director, we’ve supported their mission to lead LGBT+ inclusion in the travel industry.

Jo ranks inside the top 100 LGBT executives in the UK according to OUTstanding and the FT, she leads a business recognised as the LGBT Friendly Travel Company of the Year by industry title TTG, and she motivates and empowers her team to embrace diversity and inclusion in all they do.

Celebrity Cruises is an amazing example of how doing the right thing, and being a good business to work with and for, brings PR success. Hats off Celebrity, great work.