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Crisis Comms Keeps Londoners Moving


It has been one heck of a week for anyone who lives and works in London, and a deeply sad week for those directly impacted by events in Westminster.

Bravery and expertise are just some of the immense skills being skilfully delivered by our emergency services.

In this blog we simply say thank you.

Thank you for the service, protection, courage and excellence.

As a communications business you cannot help but watch at how unfolding events are handled, at how social feeds are being updated and how news organisations are being managed.

One of the greatest features of London is its resilience and business-as-usual approach to the completely horrific. Not only were those on the front line doing everything and more to protect, treat and help those impacted. But those manning press offices and social feeds were working like demons to ensure that the right, practical information was disseminated at the right time.

No speculation, no drama, just highly speedy and professional responses to a situation that was changing by the second. The regular updates, the clear information, and the advice to aid them all in doing their job better was perfectly delivered.

Anyone planning crisis and issues responses has a huge amount to learn from how these horrible events were handled from a communications point of view from particularly the Met Police and the London Ambulance Service.

No doubt it will become a case study in the future, and one that recognises those who were brilliant. Terrorism wants to cause doubt and destruction. Even the PR response showed that it was completely unsuccessful.