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Crisis Check List


If you missed our ‘How to Manage Crisis Communications’ briefing, fear not. We have a handy little check list to help everyone keep calm and carry on during the next crisis:

Call tree check list

  • Who needs to know – have they all been contacted
  • Do you have home and out of hours numbers
  • Conference call dial in – only used for crisis situations

Decision makers

  • Who leads what happens next
  • Ensure a PR person in this mix – important to consider the media interpretation of your actions

Advertising and promotion

  • What is scheduled – both on and offline – and what needs to be paused

Web and social

  • Information updates – who has the passwords and capability to make updates
  • Scheduled posts and updates – what needs to be paused or re-drafted
  • Who will monitor and assess sentiment, including flagging areas of concern on social that may need addressing


On-the-ground team

  • Pre identified people who can travel at a moments notice – always carry passport
  • Place within your office to store travel bags/uniforms


Briefing call centres

  • What to do with media enquiries
  • Trauma and resilience training
  • Re-recording any welcome telephone messages – who has the capability to do

Media statement – initial

  • Confirm the facts you know – who, what, where, when
  • Do not speculate
  • Shut down rumour that is definitely inaccurate
  • Be human – sad, sorry, sensitive
  • Social version of statement for posting

Media statement planning

  • What future updates are needed and when
  • Additional, confirmed detail
  • Thank anyone supporting – for example emergency services

Spokespeople briefing

  • Is it appropriate for spokespeople to be on site
  • Are they briefed and well versed at handling difficult situations
  • Consider how things appear – dress code, how arrive


Internal comms

  • When do internal teams need to hear from the top
  • Assume all internal comms could be shared externally



  • Who else may need to be updated – ABTA, FCO, industry body
  • Trade partners – those who sell you

Handling call volume

  • External overspill call centres required – who and when