Celebrity Edge Pr Launch Campaign

One pinch me moment after another’ pretty much sums up what it has been like for the Siren team to deliver the PR launch campaign of new cruise ship Celebrity Edge for our client Celebrity Cruises.

And that was just one of the headlines around this spectacular ship thanks to hard work of team Siren.

We are pretty proud of ourselves to deliver media coverage that referred to Celebrity Edge as “the design-led liner”, “nothing short of revolutionary”, “ultra-stylish” and “utterly outstanding”. Frankly we couldn’t have written it better ourselves.

PR for major launches and events doesn’t faze our team. In fact when it comes to launching cruise ships, we have delivered them in nearly double figures. And we’ve calmly steered all kinds of clients through new openings, global press announcements and much much more. But when you are charged with blanket UK media coverage, and the ship showcase will only take place 4,000 miles away across the Atlantic in Florida, it is a bit of challenge.

For Celebrity Edge, the approach was hype, hype and more hype. This was also a PR campaign with one of the longest lead times we’ve ever seen and it carried a real risk of losing momentum and fizzling out long before the ship even launched. Plus, the world and their wife has launched a new ship in 2018 and competition for interest, let alone column inches, was stiff.

But the hype and clear-minded focus on what we collectively wanted to achieve alongside Celebrity Cruises, ensured that our invite list sold itself. Media clambered for the handful of spaces on-board, and when even the Financial Times recognises that “journalists on board are correspondents for Vanity Fair and Tatler, magazines that wouldn’t normally look at a big ship” you know you’re doing something right.

Of course it goes without saying that Celebrity Edge itself did a huge amount of the heavy lifting in exceeding expectations. Celebrity Cruises truly has launched a game-changing ship and it has been an honour to be the PR team to bring this to life. But as anyone in communications knows, great products don’t entirely sell themselves – they need the careful nudge of an award-winning PR team to ensure the media reaction does them justice.

Don’t just take our word for it, take a look here to see more on Celebrity Edge.

And if you want to tap into the PR launch brains at Siren to ensure your brand gets the media attention it deserves, get in touch with the PR agency at the heart of telling the story of Celebrity Edge here.