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Our digital expert Jack Taylor explains the Omni-Channel Marketing strategy and how brands should be utilising each platform to grow and achieve sales.

Omni-channel marketing is more than just a buzzword – it’s a strategic approach that integrates all your digital touchpoints into a harmonious ecosystem. Whether it’s your website, social media profiles, mobile app or email campaigns, each touchpoint should reflect your brand’s core values, mission, and identity.

One of the cornerstones of successful omni-channel marketing is maintaining a consistent tone of voice across different platforms. Each platform has its own audience and communication style, but your brand’s personality should shine through consistently. For instance, while your tone might be more formal and informative on LinkedIn, it could be more relaxed and conversational on Instagram. Striking the right balance between platform-specific communication and overall brand identity is crucial to resonating with diverse audiences while retaining brand recognition.

Consistency is key, but it’s also important to tailor your content to each platform’s strengths and user behaviour. Users on different platforms have distinct expectations and engage with content differently. By delivering platform-specific content while adhering to your brand’s core values, you can create a unified yet tailored experience that resonates with your audience across the board.

Take a look at our case study for client Made By Dyslexia which produced specific marketing for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn –

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During this summer, as massive crowds gather all across the UK to witness sporting triumphs and musical performances, our client, Motability Operations, has experienced a similar enthusiasm. Jack Batey, our Client Lead in Purpose & Sustainability, recently headed to their One Big Day event in Exeter.

Motability Operations, which operates the Motability Scheme, hosts an annual series of in-person events at which current and future customers come together to learn how the Scheme can provide them or their disabled family members with worry-free motoring.

The summer of events was kicked off with the flagship two-day event, The Big Event in Birmingham, which saw a record-breaking attendance of over 11,500 people. This has been followed up with many more thousands attending events in Northern Ireland and Exeter.

Siren Comms has provided pre-event support by promoting these events through earned media – utilizing our contacts in the disabled media space – and by providing written advertorial copy.

Meanwhile, our digital team produces fantastic social media content, including photos, videos, and written content created and shared live from the events as they happen.

I myself was lucky enough to attend the most recent event in Exeter, and as always, it was hugely gratifying to have the opportunity to meet the Scheme’s customers. While the nature of our work sees us often working behind the scenes, it is always a highlight of the year to attend such events and see the genuinely great work Motability Operations does, and Siren Comms’ part in bringing these events to the customers.

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Siren Communications very own sustainability expert Stacey Stockwell visited the 2023 Amazon Sustainability Accelerator Demo Day last week and shares her thoughts and insights below.

This year’s Amazon Sustainability Accelerator Demo day was an incredibly inspiring morning. Watching business founders talk so passionately about their products and services, which all had the same single goal – to significantly reduce our negative impact on the planet – unified the room in a way I’ve never seen before. The level of support from across the audience for all of the wonderful, pioneering teams pitching was rather moving. 


The businesses were a wide-ranging mix of ground-breaking recycling technologies and consumer products – from sustainable dog products made from upcycled ghost fishing nets (TANGLE), a device that allows people to create their own plant-based milk from home (Milky Plant) and a circular sportswear company turning sport waste into garments for the same sport (Infinite Athletic) to an AI-powered solution to sort recyclable materials (Sorted) and a material identifying robot for more efficient waste sorting (Matoha Instrumentation Ltd.).


This was the second annual Amazon Launchpad event, and it was fantastic to see Morgan Mixon from Peachies and Mark Rushmore from Suri talking about the progress their incredible businesses have made over the last 12 months. 


I walked away with a real spring in my step, looking forward to seeing how this new tranche of 16 start-ups would prosper over the coming year.


 Click the link below to see the event page.

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This year, Siren Communications F&B team led by Dimitra Lily Papoutsakis was appointed to promote the launch of Sandeman Quarter, a new wine and food destination, in the heart of London’s Square Mile featuring a wine bar, restaurant and private dining spaces to media, influencers and consumers. 

We were tasked with securing local city and wider reach digital media to drive bookings, position the new brand as both a local haunt to city workers and, as a wine destination for wine and food lovers. Effectively communicating the iconic history of the venue’s location in relation to The Sandeman family along with creating mystique and interest around the private dining spaces all located in the premises’ medieval cellars we also key focuses for the team.

Promotional listings were secured in titles such as Timeout, Londonist and Square Meal alongside long-form reviews in top-tier media including Waitrose Magazine, Square Mile, Secret London, Conde Nast Traveller and leading trade title Harper’s Wine and Spirit Magazine. 

We worked closely with the internal team on content creation development, newsletter marketing and local marketing to ensure promotional material was reaching local businesses and city go-ers. 

If you are looking to launch a new F&B venue or seeking a partner that can get your existing venue back in the media and the forefront of consumer’s minds – get in touch now with the team at 


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Join us as we showcase Siren’s latest sizzle reel, shining a spotlight on our commitment to driving positive change as a certified B Corporation. 

Do you want to be a part of our purpose-driven journey? Connect with us to explore how you or your business can collaborate with Siren to make a meaningful impact. Reach out to us at and let’s start building a better world together!


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James, our client champion shares his thoughts on the world of media insights; 

There are a lot of important tips and tricks when it comes to PR that I have learned during my time at Siren Comms. One of the most important lessons I have learned is the value of positive and continual media insight. 

Media Insight covers a lot of bases, but at its core, it is building relationships with journalists, crafting stories and angles to fit publications, and keeping a finger on the ever-beating pulse that is the news cycle. It requires time, patience, and creativity, but is highly important when it comes to achieving coverage.  

Investing time into relationships with journalists is vital. Relationships and coverage are at the heart of PR, and at their best, they go hand in hand. Alongside meeting great people, a good relationship with a journalist often leads to collaborating on a feature.  

Crafting an angle for a story is a tricky skill, but one that is imperative to master. Reeling in a journalist immediately when pitching is imperative – if too long, they will click away, too short and the value of the story is often understated. Finding that balance takes time and practice, but some key pieces of advice are to have an intriguing email subject line and that the basis of the story is pitched quickly and concisely. 

The news cycle is ever evolving and never resting. Constant streams of information are how we live our everyday life. The only certainty about the news cycle is how quickly it can change. What is on everyone’s lips today, will be replaced by another conversation tomorrow, or in a few days, or even a week.  

Making sure you know what is going on and why everyone is reporting on it is key to pitching stories that are related or have similarities.  

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Siren was thrilled to be appointed to launch German company FLSK to the UK market, promoting their high-end range of re-usable water bottles and travel mugs.  Our approach required a strategy that would secure a position for FLSK as a top of the range quality product reflected through its premium price point, success in Europe and marking it as an investment piece that would last consumers a lifetime – a timeless investment. 

Our strategy included a preliminary analysis and evaluation of FLSK UK TA and a subsequent creation of a comms platform ‘Peak Performance – Perfect By FLSK’; A message that embodies who FLSK’s UK audience and what their desires are; to be functioning at high performing standards within their fields.

A reflective activity plan featuring media gifting, influencer gifting, influencer and brand partnerships that would kick off FLSK’s physical and digital presence in the UK – always targeting our key TA.

This approach ensured FLSK has been featured in both relevant print and digital media alongside physical product distribution and presentation within our WIRED brand partnership.

Strong momentum was built, positive feedback received and our work through focusing on high end UK media and influencer that straddled territories through their global reach developed an opportunity for the brand to utilise content and coverage across the brand’s digital platforms.

For more information on launching your product in the UK market whilst delivering global exposure contact us now at


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Our B Corp expert Stacey breaks down what to do when you achieve B Corp certification –

So, you’re B Corp certified, now what?

We’re incredibly proud to have achieved our B Corp certified status. As a B Corp, we’re part of a global community of businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental impact. But far from it being just a logo we can stamp all over our website, social media or outreach to new contacts, it’s a real impetus to drive more positive change, for example…

B Corp working groups
 – we’re a member of two of the official B Corp working groups and join the regular meetings to collaborate with other like-minded businesses in similar sectors. These sessions are not only thought-provoking but also a way that we can all, as businesses with the same progressive mindset, continue to drive things forward in the right way.

 – the B Corp networking events are another great way to meet others who are on a similar journey and to share experiences and tips with each other. It really is a wonderful community to be a part of and the strength we have when we’re combined is a powerful one.

Spreading the word
 – alongside fellow Somerset House-based B Corp certified businesses we are planning a summer session to talk about what it means, to demystify the process and (hopefully) convince some more of our neighbours who may have been on the fence about applying, to make the leap.

Holding ourselves accountable – we published our first impact report during B Corp month this year. Click here to read it. Setting a benchmark for ourselves and to make sure we continually improve in all of the B Corp focus areas is critical and we can’t wait to have all of our 2023 achievements all in one place and to demonstrate how far we’ve come in our first year of B Corp certification.

Bring it on!

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Achieving great press coverage goes further than syndicating a strong release and the team at Siren Comms make it their mission to land the best coverage for their clients. Phoebe Curtis, Client Lead for Travel, Food & Lifestyle explains the importance of media relations and research in securing powerful coverage.

Shoot your shot – Building a relationship with a journalist always starts somewhere, so don’t be afraid to suggest coffee or lunch! After years of remote working and zoom coffees, it’s important to make the most of having physical meetings with journalists. These are the perfect way to build a rapport and find out how your clients might fit into their work. Being able to ‘pitch’ in person really helps get the story of a brand across and improves your chances of being featured.  

Remember old-school tricks – Going through the papers each morning to spot new features or journalists you’d like to meet is a classic. At Siren, we scour a wide range of papers and brainstorm as a team to make sure we’re aware of all the possible features and key journalists for our clients.

Attend industry events – The team at Siren take every opportunity to meet media and others in our industry including attending key industry events. From speed pitching to media networking events the Siren team are ready to meet as many people as possible and shout about our clients!

Do your research – At Siren we love to attend webinars with the press which feature a Q&A style approach to find out what they’ve been writing recently and what might then interest them for the future. Knowing what they’ve been working on helps to build a personal approach to pitching and highlights to the media that you’ve done your homework.

To work with an agency that has the expertise of great media relations get in touch at


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Agencies often face the challenge of increasing engagement on social media platforms for their clients. They ask, “How can we make our content more engaging?” Having worked across diverse industries such as alcohol, hospitality, food, travel, music and charities, Jack Taylor identifies key points to consider when developing a social media strategy and creating content that resonates with audiences.


Simplify your content creation process: Avoid overthinking your content. Keep it simple.


Sell the values, not the product: Instead of solely promoting your products or services, emphasise the values your brand represents. Connect with your audience on a deeper level.


Know your audience: Ensure that your content is relevant to your target audience. Understand their interests, preferences and needs.


Encourage interaction: Spark conversations with your audience by asking questions and seeking their opinions. Make them feel heard and valued.


Cultivate authenticity: Develop a genuine personality for your brand that aligns with your values. Avoid exploiting sensitive topics, politics, or current events for the sake of gaining attention.


Leverage competitions: Use competitions to engage your audience. Make sure the prizes are relevant to your brand and keep the entry requirements simple.


Presenting your brand on social media platforms poses several challenges, such as measuring growth, identifying relevant trends, maintaining a consistent tone of voice, and effectively measuring engagement. It’s important to understand why you want to measure engagement and set clear KPIs.


Although vanity metrics can be considered superficial, it’s crucial to recognise their significance. Social media is about optics and people will judge social media accounts based on their numbers, which influences their trust and willingness to engage. Large follower numbers create an impression of trustworthiness. As humans, we often create narratives in our minds based on these numbers.


Social media engagement isn’t for all brands. If the brand sells products consistently but lacks social media engagement, you can leverage this as part of your brand’s personality, style, and tone of voice.

Not all customers are ready to make a purchase immediately. However, when they are, you want your brand to be top-of-mind. This highlights the importance of creating engaging content that sticks with your audience, even beyond the point of sale.


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