The Business Travel Magazine – Business Traveller Wellbeing Conference

Siren recently attended the Business Traveller Wellbeing Conference hosted by The Business Travel Magazine, the first event dedicated to wellbeing in the business travel sector but certainly not the last.

Discussions covered the big four wellbeing influences including how well we sleep and eat, how much we move and how happy we feel. Tailored to suit business travellers, sessions discussed sleep and jetlag, mental health and stress, diet and creating a wellbeing policy in the workplace.

Given that one in six people show signs of mental illness in the workplace, emphasis was placed on the importance of workplace wellbeing policies and tips on what hoteliers, employers and organisations can do to encourage business traveller wellbeing.

The wellbeing industry is booming with younger generations fuelling the growth as they move through their working life demanding wellbeing policies that value the human assets within organisations.

There is a growing demand on organisations to accept greater responsibilities around employee wellbeing, and employers should be prepared for the inevitable by having their employee wellbeing policies in place.