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Bringing cheese to life for The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company_

Siren Communications is working with The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company, helping to promote the world’s only authentic cheddar cheese made in none other than Cheddar, Somerset.

The family-run business, recently shortlisted for this year’s Great British Food Awards, stays true to traditional methods of artisan cheesemaking formulated by the ‘father of cheese’, Joseph Harding, in the 19th Century. The founders of The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company, Katherine and John Spencer, are dedicated to producing a locally-made, premium quality, raw milk cheese that is beautifully complex in taste. And at a time where consumers want to know not only what goes in to their favourite products, but also how they’re made, The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company has opened the doors to its Visitor Centre, inviting everyone in to watch the cheesemaking process from start to finish.

We just begun collaborating on behalf of our client with an exciting mix of hand-picked food and drink influencers, journalists, and content creators such as Milli Taylor, Scottcaneat, The Caterer, Mondomulia, and Steffi Daydreamer to introduce The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company to a wider audience. Through a series of visits to the dairy, they’ve learnt about cave matured cheddar, got involved in the actual cheesemaking process, and been shown how they can train their taste buds to differentiate the unique flavours of our client’s artisan cheeses.

Their reaction has been fantastic, and we’re looking forward to introducing this award-winning, passionately crafted cheese to more media, foodies and cheese lovers in the coming months.

For daily cheese inspiration follow @cheddargorgecheeseco on Instagram and @CheddarCheeseCo on Twitter.

The selection of handmade cheeses can be purchased via their website or in farm shops across the country.

^Anita Lo