Brands And Influencers, Working In Harmony


This week we hosted an event for clients and friends of Siren; with a panel of influencers from the world of social media and blogging. It was a fascinating insight into how influential these channels really are, and how brands can make the most out of that influence.

All four of our panellists, Juggle MumThe Travel HackHot & Chilli and @mumhad1ofthose, had started their adventure as a fun thing to do, around a subject for which they had (and still hold) a lot of passion. And for me that was key to how they have managed to turn what was essentially a hobby into a professional career. Their passion for their subject matter was equalled only by their passion for the vehicle they used to deliver it and their now loyal and engaged audiences.

The Q&A session, chaired so ably by our own CEO Rachel O’Connor, focussed on how brand owners can harness that passion to deliver their brand stories to a relevant audience. And it was quite simple really. As long as the brand has a natural fit with the audience, and is relevant to the channel then almost anything is possible. The key, and this is the tricky bit, is to allow the person that you have chosen to tell your story some freedom to tell it – in a way that retains their personal integrity and their authenticity with your audience: which is essentially what you have engaged them for.

The rise of influencers and the important role they play in telling stories to your audiences can be fairly daunting for anyone who hasn’t had much experience. But don’t let that discourage you. We have put together our guide of how to work with influences to ensure you, and they, get the best out of the partnership. Download it here, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d be happy to chat you through it.