Blog Post By Alex Tunney – English Apples 2016


Blog post by Alex Tunney – English Apples 2016

The New Year dawns and whilst many of us are thinking good healthy eating thoughts, we may not have given much thought to the humble apple. At this time of year the media is full of healthy tips and ‘new year recipes’ but invariably they are full of trendy grains, pulses, chia seeds and smoothies. Change they may be – but who really wants to have to have to restock their cupboards with unfamiliar ingredients?

Instead of looking for the different why not look for the new – yet familiar? We are talking about choosing to eat more fruit and vegetables in 2016 and start that revolution with an English apple… and this year why not choose a new variety? Cox, Worcesters and Gala are all very well for the autumn but there are whole new bunch of varieties just ripe (sorry) for the colder winter months.

2015 English Apple seasonEnglish Reubens, Cameo, Jazz, Braeburn and Opal are just coming into shops in early January and they are truly blazing a trail across the fresh fruit aisles of a supermarket near you. They – along with a few other new names – are the most modern of apples. They have been specially grown in order to be stored for longer and for their complex flavours to develop over the winter. This means instead of having to eat apples grown overseas during the winter, we can now choose English grown varieties until the spring.

Here are Siren we’re gearing up for a busy January making sure these new English apple varieties become the most talked about apples on the block. We’ll be busy promoting them to everyone who loves to taste and talk about English grown apples.

So let’s start now… before reaching for a chia power smoothie to kick off 2016, why not keep it simple and go for new English apple instead?

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