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The Siren Communications 2022 Impact Report is here! The report showcases Siren Comms’ commitment to delivering exceptional results for its clients, leveraging innovative strategies and cutting-edge technologies to drive business growth and enhance brand reputation.

It also highlights the our focus on sustainability and social responsibility, with initiatives aimed at reducing its carbon footprint and supporting local communities.

Click the link here to read the report – Siren Impact Report 2022


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Check out the website we created for our new client Four Corners Hospitality Group that cleanly demonstrates their expertise, values and approach providing leading global hotel support.

We were tasked by Four Corners Hospitality Group, one of the world’s leading providers of global hotel ownership support, with reviewing their website. After a robust appraisal, we offered our services to build a website from scratch. We duly delivered a sleek corporate website fit for 2023 and the future that illustrated the brand’s central tenets. This has demonstrated Siren’s ability to adapt and achieve clients goals that extend from the more traditional PR remit through into the digital space of website build and design.


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As we all know, the world is facing significant challenges such as climate change, social inequality, and environmental degradation. As businesses, we have a responsibility to play our part in creating a sustainable future for all. This is where B Corps come in.


B Corp, or Benefit Corporation, is a certification that businesses can earn by meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. B Corps are businesses that are committed to using their profits and growth to create a positive impact on society and the environment and this fits comfortably into Siren’s values.


With the current global situation, it’s now more important than ever to work towards being a sustainable business. At Siren we’re proud to be a certified B Corp, and we believe that every business can play a role in creating a more sustainable future. Let’s work together towards a better future for all.

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FLSK has appointed Siren Comms to handle the UK consumer launch of its premium reusable CUP and FLSK drinking bottles ranges. The agency will support across direct-to-consumer comms and focus specifically on campaigns to differentiate FLSKproducts in this highly competitive retail sector.


FLSK is available in the UK for the first time directly from FLSK.co.uk and via Amazon UK. FLSK products have achieved successive nominations, shortlist placements and awards for several significant recognitions over the last five years.  The awards have all been made for design, performance and sustainability values, most notable of these are the Red Dot Awards, German Design Award, the Green Product Award for innovation and sustainability excellence and the German Brand Award in 2022. All FLSK products are carefully crafted with stylish design, high quality, peak performance, longevity, and sustainability in mind. 



The team behind FLSK is committed to creating high performing, stylish products for people who want to reduce their impact on the planet and that only want to invest in the best quality products to ensure no spills, no leakages and ultimate temperature regulation of drinks. 1% of the company’s turnover is invested in the FLSK Future Fund which supports other sustainabilityfocused enterprise and social impact projects.


FLSK is proud of its corporate partnerships which include other peak performing brands such as Audi, Google, Lufthansa and more.


Key design and performance features of FLSK bottles are their high-quality VICC®-Technology which keeps drinks ice-cold for up to 24 hours, or hot for up to 18 hours. Using high-quality 304 stainless steel, the CUP and FLSK bottles are vacuum insulated and are completely leak proof and airtight – this means all gas and liquid is kept inside the bottle and so keeps sparkling beverages very fizzy. 


On launching in the UK, Xaver Hesselberger co-founder of FLSK and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Kusaba Brands, said, “We are excited to bring our premium FLSK products to the UK. It is a hugely competitive marketplace, and we know the competition is strong. We are confident our beautiful products will delight and impress UK audiences seeking a completely reliable drinking bottle or CUP. These products look so stylish and outperform others. We have removed all the niggles associated with alternative brands (leaking, spillages, poor insulation) and improved our design and performance. This is why it is the German market leader. It works.


Dimitra Papoutsakis, Client Director Lifestyle and Jack Taylor Client Director Digital will lead the FLSK Business at Siren Comms, a recently B Corp certified business.


For more information, please visit FLSK | The Original Stainless Steel Water Bottle. – FLSK Products UK




For more information on FLSK, Siren Comms or our work please contact Dimitra Papoutsakis or Rachel O’Connor @Sirencomms.com



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Last week we jumped into the future and experimented with ChatGPT and saw how we can leverage this tool for our business, here’s our perspective;

Dimitra Lily Papoutsakis – Was I convinced about ChatGPT before trying it myself? Absolutely not. Am I now that I have played around with it myself – a little more yes. ChatGPT truly is all the rage at the moment, and we can see why. It’s impressive and I’m excited to use this tool as just that – a tool to help facilitate brainstorms, writing tasks and to help us think outside the box. But am I ready to lean on it as we do with real life team members and client partners, no. What ChatGPT cannot do yet is understand content, evaluate the ever-changing media and news landscape that we assess on an hourly basis, understand the backstory of a product, a brand and the emotions behind the people running the companies we work for and with. Until then, we remain proud and confident at leading in this space.

Stacey Stockwell – We’ve all been having a play with ChatGPT over the last week or so and the novelty factor has been fun. But looking at it from a practical point of view, it has the potential to be a great new tool in the comms arsenal. While nothing can replace human creativity and the wealth of business and sector knowledge required. The nuance of really good comms cannot be replicated by AI (yet?), but as a source of inspiration and increased efficiency it’s useful. It does love to roll out a cliché term or two, however, so it needs a close eye and policing to sift out those classic PR faux pas. It’s like having an extra team member who’s full of enthusiasm to help, but who is brand new to the team and very, very green.
Katie Wright – I admit it: I’ve been playing with ChatGPT for the past few days and I love it. I mean, beyond the novelty of asking it to write in the style of *insert celebrity or the fact I am a long term lover of a pun in copy (as and when the right client/brand allows for it) – it is helpful and makes us think that little bit harder about our content. 
I would be lying if I didn’t admit I am intrigued to see what the next year holds for AI. For comms professionals, I don’t think we should be panicking though. We need to embrace it and understand how we harness it in our roles, but what AI can’t do is offer wise counsel as a true client partner, figure out the hook or story or come up with an original or unique idea. That’s where the real value in our roles lies and it isn’t going anywhere just yet.
Jack Taylor – It’s fascinating and exhilarating. The potential to utilise this to increase productivity and efficiency is huge. Looking forward to using other OpenAI platforms to utilise even more tools. The future is here and I for one look to lean into it so we can continue to stay sharp to our clients by showcasing our ability to adapt to new tools.

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Siren Communications is a certified B Corporation.

We make it our duty to be sustainable and to educate our audience and partners in sustainability.

By offsetting our emissions through ClimateCare’s Climate Impact mixed portfolio, we are supporting projects that make a measurable difference to people’s lives as well as protecting the environment.

All carbon credits are independently verified by an internationally-recognised carbon standard, including the Gold Standard, Verra’s VCS Program and the UN CDM.

For more information about our agency and what we can do for you, get in touch.

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A rolling stone gathers no moss, which is why Siren is always evolving, innovating and staying relevant. 2023 brings a brand new Sizzle Reel to promote the work and success of Siren and gives you that little insight into what we can do for you.

Clients come and go but Siren’s work ethic and reliability to deliver the goods has and will always be in tact. Take a look below at the new Sizzle Reel and for good measure, share it with someone you think might need to see it.

Follow Siren on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/siren-communications-ltd/ 

Follow Siren on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/sirencomms/


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We’re thrilled to share that we are now working with The Seeing Dogs Alliance! 
The Seeing Dogs Alliance have appointed us to grow awareness of its work as part of a drive to train more guide dogs to help reduce waiting lists for guide dogs and help stem the much-publicised national shortage.
The SDA’s entire focus is on giving people with visual impairments access to guide dogs, providing a bespoke service with a personalised approach by carefully matching a dog to the needs of the person.
The SDA’s work to connect their clients with guide dogs delivers life-changing support and more independence for people in need. It is run by a group of five volunteers, including three guide dog owners, a former member of Guide Dogs for the Blind, and a certified accountant. 
We’re looking forward to beginning work with this amazing non-profit organisation!

Learn more and donate at: https://seeingdogs.org.uk/.


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Five training courses were completed by all our Siren Communications team as part of our collaborative work with the National Centre for Diversity including training in Diverse Cultures, Train your Brain to Manage Unconscious Bias, advancing FREDIE (Fairness, Respect, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement), Mental Wellbeing While Working and Neuro-diversity.


All were extremely informative, unmasking so much there is to constantly learn and improve on within this space. Part of our wider work with the NCOD includes rolling out a carefully crafted action plan, following a full analysis of our business to ensuring embracing the practises of FREDIE run through all areas of the business and the team.


It was great to read this article released by The New York Times last week quoting a Harvard Kennedy School lecturer Robert Livingston saying ‘focus on actions and behaviours rather than hearts and minds’ – and action focused is what we are at Siren Comms.


Read The New York Times article here –



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After last week’s announcement of our new client, The Seeing Dogs Alliance, we are delighted to see our exciting partnership has been shared far and wide to our PR community, including PRovoke Media and PRWeek UK:

In the wake of a nationwide shortage, The Seeing Dogs Alliance is well placed to become an additional key source of dogs for people with visual impairments, offering a bespoke service to carefully match a dog to an individual’s needs.

Click here to see the coverage – https://www.provokemedia.com/latest/article/emea-industry-news-in-brief-(january-30-2023) 

Learn more and donate at: https://seeingdogs.org.uk.

We are a certified B Corporation proud to be working with The Seeing Dogs Alliance.

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