In the last 6 months we have all surprised ourselves by how much we are working in tandem with our brilliant newly formed digital, SEO & PPC team.   We are delivering some fantastic integrated work and results for clients and enjoying the joy of collaboration of pr and digital marketing to boot.  

Our search for a partner came through the request of a particularly enlightened client – Mark Lewis at HotelREZ – who was working to increase his visibility on and offline.  He had looked at PR and digital marketing services as two separate briefs and asked if we could deliver both.  Through his request to combine briefs and put the two services together we found John Macleod and his team.  Almost on meeting, we saw an almost immediate impact with take up of the combined offer by new and existing clients.  Currently, we are working together across eight clients with two more in the wings at least.

So why is this so compelling right now? Well, we all know PR is valuable reputationally, however, the perennial measurement and evaluation piece is ever the thistle to grasp.  We can see tangible results for our work through measuring additional traffic to websites from the placement of stories and content across media and with publishers who are ranked as highly authoritative by search engines.  So, it’s rewarding to see traffic, engagement through the use of #s and stories that are shared.  

But if that engagement and interest are then lost through a poor web experience then the effort and investment of all we do from a PR & Comms perspective is also lost. Therefore, working to ensure the web journey is as good as it can be is an essential piece of our work together with John and his team.  But perhaps even more important is the development and creation of good content.  We co-create and then develop relevant assets that will be optimised to ensure that our content and stories are targeting and talking to potential clients, but also hitting the nail on its head when it comes to online search behaviour.  

Access to this data can help inform the stories we create for clients and deliver even more powerful commercial results.  And that’s the nub of it – working together with pr and digital marketing as a natural part of our offer because it sharpens the work we deliver for clients.

Rachel O’Connor, Founding Director



Appointing the right PR agency for your company can be a tricky ask. There are many agencies with different specialties to consider from boutique specialists to big global players. Working with the right team for you can deliver invaluable results, but get it wrong and you’ve wasted time, money and potentially even exposed your brand reputational damage. 

There are many things you need to take into account when looking for the right team to work with but here are three factors to consider when hiring a PR agency:

    • Industry expertise

The resulting coverage and exposure from any PR activity has to come from a truly considered approach. It needs to support the business needs and the best way to ensure that is to utilise an agency that understands your business and your sector. Yes, new media relationships can be built and any decent agency can secure coverage in any media sector, but you can’t beat expert product and brand knowledge for tangible results that actually contribute to your business’s bottom line. We’re firm believers in quality over quantity. Lots of pieces of coverage across vaguely relevant media is easily trumped by just one piece in a key outlet that leads to business results. 

    • Track record

Does the agency walk the walk or just talk the talk? A simple way to find out is through testimonials and previous campaign results. What work have they delivered and how happy are their clients? Just to toot our own horn here, you can take a look at some of our campaign case studies here (wink, wink). This not only tells you how good they are at what they do, but also what they are like to work with, which brings us onto our final point…  

    • The people

You can’t underestimate the importance of chemistry. Any PR agency should be seen as an extension of the in-house team so a face-to-face meet with your potential team is really valuable before you make your decision. You and your team will be speaking to these folks regularly and working closely to achieve joint objectives, therefore a good rapport and strong working relationship is key. The closer the working relationship across all departments the better the results, PR should be plugged in with not just the marketing team but also social media and SEO (all specialisms we have expertise in) to maximise everyone’s efforts. Ultimately, think about whether you would you hire them to sit next to you every day? If not, carefully consider why before making the hiring decision.


So, if you might be on the lookout for a new PR agency and like the look of what you’ve seen from us at Siren Comms, get in touch with us here.


They say a picture tells a thousand words and a video tells urm… well much, much more than that. 160 members, suppliers and press joined the Global Travel Group at their annual conference last month. The event, which took place at Universal Orlando Resort, Florida, featured a four-day programme concentrated on ‘igniting’ sales and keeping The Global Travel Group agents ahead of the game. Delegates heard from former beauty queen-turned legal campaigner Erin Brockovich, 80’s TV star Mr Motivator and ex Blue-Peter presented turned life coach Katy Hill . Managing director Andy Stark took to the stage to update the delegates on the future of the business and commercial director Cherie Richards shared plans for a new mentoring scheme. In-depth coverage ran across all key UK trade titles including the hotly coveted front page slot of TTG. But don’t take our word for it, take a look here…