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Highlights from the 2023 Amazon Sustainability Accelerator Demo Day

Siren Communications very own sustainability expert Stacey Stockwell visited the 2023 Amazon Sustainability Accelerator Demo Day last week and shares her thoughts and insights below.

This year’s Amazon Sustainability Accelerator Demo day was an incredibly inspiring morning. Watching business founders talk so passionately about their products and services, which all had the same single goal – to significantly reduce our negative impact on the planet – unified the room in a way I’ve never seen before. The level of support from across the audience for all of the wonderful, pioneering teams pitching was rather moving. 


The businesses were a wide-ranging mix of ground-breaking recycling technologies and consumer products – from sustainable dog products made from upcycled ghost fishing nets (TANGLE), a device that allows people to create their own plant-based milk from home (Milky Plant) and a circular sportswear company turning sport waste into garments for the same sport (Infinite Athletic) to an AI-powered solution to sort recyclable materials (Sorted) and a material identifying robot for more efficient waste sorting (Matoha Instrumentation Ltd.).


This was the second annual Amazon Launchpad event, and it was fantastic to see Morgan Mixon from Peachies and Mark Rushmore from Suri talking about the progress their incredible businesses have made over the last 12 months. 


I walked away with a real spring in my step, looking forward to seeing how this new tranche of 16 start-ups would prosper over the coming year.


 Click the link below to see the event page.

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