July 13, 2023 - Siren Comms_
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James, our client champion shares his thoughts on the world of media insights; 

There are a lot of important tips and tricks when it comes to PR that I have learned during my time at Siren Comms. One of the most important lessons I have learned is the value of positive and continual media insight. 

Media Insight covers a lot of bases, but at its core, it is building relationships with journalists, crafting stories and angles to fit publications, and keeping a finger on the ever-beating pulse that is the news cycle. It requires time, patience, and creativity, but is highly important when it comes to achieving coverage.  

Investing time into relationships with journalists is vital. Relationships and coverage are at the heart of PR, and at their best, they go hand in hand. Alongside meeting great people, a good relationship with a journalist often leads to collaborating on a feature.  

Crafting an angle for a story is a tricky skill, but one that is imperative to master. Reeling in a journalist immediately when pitching is imperative – if too long, they will click away, too short and the value of the story is often understated. Finding that balance takes time and practice, but some key pieces of advice are to have an intriguing email subject line and that the basis of the story is pitched quickly and concisely. 

The news cycle is ever evolving and never resting. Constant streams of information are how we live our everyday life. The only certainty about the news cycle is how quickly it can change. What is on everyone’s lips today, will be replaced by another conversation tomorrow, or in a few days, or even a week.  

Making sure you know what is going on and why everyone is reporting on it is key to pitching stories that are related or have similarities.  

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