June 30, 2023 - Siren Comms_
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Achieving great press coverage goes further than syndicating a strong release and the team at Siren Comms make it their mission to land the best coverage for their clients. Phoebe Curtis, Client Lead for Travel, Food & Lifestyle explains the importance of media relations and research in securing powerful coverage.

Shoot your shot – Building a relationship with a journalist always starts somewhere, so don’t be afraid to suggest coffee or lunch! After years of remote working and zoom coffees, it’s important to make the most of having physical meetings with journalists. These are the perfect way to build a rapport and find out how your clients might fit into their work. Being able to ‘pitch’ in person really helps get the story of a brand across and improves your chances of being featured.  

Remember old-school tricks – Going through the papers each morning to spot new features or journalists you’d like to meet is a classic. At Siren, we scour a wide range of papers and brainstorm as a team to make sure we’re aware of all the possible features and key journalists for our clients.

Attend industry events – The team at Siren take every opportunity to meet media and others in our industry including attending key industry events. From speed pitching to media networking events the Siren team are ready to meet as many people as possible and shout about our clients!

Do your research – At Siren we love to attend webinars with the press which feature a Q&A style approach to find out what they’ve been writing recently and what might then interest them for the future. Knowing what they’ve been working on helps to build a personal approach to pitching and highlights to the media that you’ve done your homework.

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