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Asking a PR and comms professional like our very own Dimitra what one of their most rewarding pieces of coverage for a client has been, should be a hard question. Any good practitioner worth their salt will have had many, and Dimitra of course can be a testament to that.

But the ones that truly hold special places in our hearts and portfolios, are the ones where our strategic efforts have far surpassed the expected commercial and branding results for the client. It’s the ones where the client emails to say that they have had X number of sales, clicks and comments as a direct result of our work and that it has truly blown them away. 

For quite a few years, team Siren represented an exceptional artisanal cheesemaker in Somerset, located in the world famous Cheddar Gorge. It is a small, family run business who had never dabbled into the world of PR before. Following the roll out of a robust press office execution, press trips and a gifting programme – the phone literally rang off the hook for the client. New customers were eager to place orders, citing renowned publications such as Country and Townhouse, The Sun, and The Times that prominently featured our esteemed cheese-making client – all secured by our dedicated team at Siren. 

Moments like that are very special. Whether a piece is a product placement listing, or a top-tier media, double page spread profiling piece – the thrill always remains the same for PR practitioners.  

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