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In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, understanding user behaviour on social media platforms is crucial for crafting successful strategies. Recent data insights from Datareportal shed light on the average time global users spend on each top social platform per month.

These data insights offer us invaluable guidance for how we optimise our strategies. By understanding where users allocate their time, we can tailor content, messaging, and advertising efforts to maximise reach and engagement.

While keeping in touch with others is the primary motivation, a substantial percentage of users (36.8%) turn to social media to fill their spare time. This is where brands can utilise memes and trends to connect with an audience who are unsure what they are looking for.

Internet users aged 16 to 24 spend the most amount of time using social media each day, followed by older age groups chronologically up to 64. As users get older, there is a gradual decrease in the amount of time spent on social media. This may be due to responsibilities, work commitments, and other offline engagements.

An interesting point here is that it is females who are spending more time across social media than males.

This suggests that females may have a higher affinity for and dependence on social media platforms as a primary mode of communication, entertainment, and information consumption.

Ads on social media platforms rank fourth at 26.8%. This shows that social media is very popular, but it is not the primary avenue for brand discovery.  Marketers must adapt to this and utilise their resources in advertising online, especially through SEO & search engines.

The data reveals that the percentage of social media users who follow influencers or experts varies across different age groups and genders. This suggests that younger individuals have a higher inclination to seek out and engage with influencer content on social media.

It is worth noting that in the older age groups, a significant portion of users still engage with influencers on social media, albeit at lower percentages. This suggests that while influencer marketing may have a stronger impact on younger demographics, there is still potential for brands and marketers to leverage influencers effectively across a wider range of age groups.

Read the full report here from Datareportal

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