May 22, 2023 - Siren Comms_
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As we nudge towards the halfway point of 2023, which travel trends are continuing to make waves? 🌊

The past few years have given us countless trends and cultural shifts in the way we work, travel, and meet colleagues and clients. From the rise of buzzword terms like quiet quitting and hybrid working to the COL crisis and the rise of ChatGPT dominating more than one water cooler chat in the office, it is fair to say that change has and will continue to come thick and fast.

I’ve compiled a list of the latest travel trends to share with you.

Highlights include:

Sustainable and Responsible Travel: With growing environmental consciousness, travellers demand more sustainable and responsible travel options. Travel companies continue to adopt eco-friendly practices such as reducing carbon emissions, promoting eco-tourism, and supporting local communities.

Just as we’re increasingly flexitarians and climatarians with what we eat, now we’re turning flexi-air-ian. Swapping an outbound or inbound short-haul airline ticket for a train ride instead across Europe. Savvy clients are showcasing the range of travel options and putting the ‘slower travel’ message front and centre.

Greener meetings and events: linked to the above, how refreshing to see a continued appetite for weaving sustainability into event planning!

After a year of travel for fun, relaxation, and reunion post-pandemic, we’ve seen an increase in travel for personal betterment. Whether that is travel to escape, identify your life’s mission, or discover what your body is physically capable of, there is a transformation retreat that caters to it. Personalising your holiday has never looked so good!

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