Story telling is central to everything we do

We put our brains and experience to work to craft the right message, research the best channel, and create the most impactful way to tell your story so that it is engaging to your audience. Here are some of our recent travel and lifestyle PR campaigns.

Three steps to great PR campaigns

Siren Communication travel PR and consumer PR campaigns Approach


Story Makers

Our research and planning abilities give us in depth understanding of your business and objectives, your industry, your audience and their needs. This provides the insight to inform the creative process. This produces great PR campaigns to make your story heard in today’s consumer, travel and social media arenas.


Story Creators

We look at the most creative way and appropriate channel to deliver your story to your consumers. Whether it is earned, owned, created or curated; whether it is through places or spaces, we start from a channel neutral position and create your PR campaigns to ensure it influences, engages and delivers in the right way.

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Story Breakers

This is our award-winning delivery team. Whether you need a social media execution, cutting edge content creation or a traditional media public relations campaigns – we have the skills, experience and know how to get you results whatever the channel.

What makes a great PR campaign?

A great story! And in our view the essence of a great story remains
the same today as it did in the very early days of newspapers.


Using the TRUTH test to tell your story

We adopted this anachronism from journalism, the TRUTH test, as our in house test for stories. We also draw on our panel of contacts from across travel and consumer industries and across social media influencers to litmus test the story appeal.

That said, a good story today is as much about ensuring that you create the right content as having the right words. There is no ONE MAGIC bullet to creating or breaking a story. These days, it’s about the right story, right content and the right ability to sell via earned, owned or shared media and we can do all that for you. Simple eh?

And that’s why you come to people like us, that are doing this day in, day out and are on top of the latest way to get that story in front of the people you want to reach – right?

Through the TRUTH test we assess if a story has appeal in any of the following ways – is it…


If our stories touch any of our TRUTH scores we know we are getting somewhere.