Social media round up – airlines invest in social media

A recent study by SimpliFlying has shown that airlines are planning to invest more in their social media throughout 2015. The research revealed that a third of airline executives expect an ROI on social media of less than five per cent in the next three years. However, more than a quarter felt more positive, expecting an ROI of closer to 10 per cent. Many of the executives questioned believe they will increase social media budgets in 2015 and many managers would like to see more staff and resource put behind social media with some even suggesting they would double their workforce in that area. Take a look at more of the results on this nifty infographic.

If you find yourself missing your furry friend a little too much when on holiday then a Ukrainian start up may just have the answer for you. Introducing PetCube, a remote camera which allows you to check up on your pets, communicate via an in-built speaker and even play games using a laser pointer to prevent a rise in “kitty couch potatoes”. Who knows what you may discover when you leave the house, as they say… when the humans are away the pets come out to play.

Visitors to London this weekend can expect guaranteed sunshine…kind of. Beauty brand, Clinique, is suspending a four-metre, social media powered glowing orb over Covent Garden today and tomorrow (Friday 31 October and Saturday 1 November) to mark the launch of its first pop-up store – the great skin lab. The orb will shine brighter with the more social media ‘love’ it receives, so as more people mention #CliniqueGlow the sunnier Central London will feel. We won’t turn down even fake sunshine at this time of year!

If you’re at a loss for a different but simple costume this Halloween, why not take inspiration from our home city and leading travel destination, London. South London creative collective, Ladyland have created a series of costumes inspired by the ‘horrors’ of London – hipsters, rats and even estate agents make the cut. While there is so much to love about our favourite city, we can’t help having a laugh at these crafty and creative ideas.