Tsk, tsk Apple.  The technology giant has been rapped over the knuckles this week by the ASA who is widening its inquiry into Apple’s recent advertising of the iPad and its claimed 4G capabilities.  The UK does not currently have widespread 4G coverage and when it does, the iPad will be incompatible.  See the full article here

Stella Artois is engaging with its Facebook audience via a series of unique screening events of the classic 90s Tarantino flick, Pulp Fiction. As part of its ‘Cannes Cinema Club’ – aimed to bring the spirit of Cannes to the UK – the club rewards its Facebook fans with classic film experiences, including an exclusive partnership with Picturehouse Cinemas.  It also marks the brand’s official sponsorship of the 65th Cannes Film Festival.

It’s more fun in the Phillipines…or so the country’s bloggers, tweeters and Facebook fans are urging you to believe.  The country’s social media population have really helped promote the nation’s tourism – focusing on its stunning beaches, outdoor activities and amazing hospitality.  In January, the government launched the campaign and within hours #itsmorefuninthephilippines became the number one trending item on Twitter. A fabulous example of how Social Media can go viral

And last but not least, although it’s not strictly social media, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to promote Trip Advisor’s latest findings – that travellers have voted London as the world’s best city. Wave that Jubilee flag, get limbered up for the Olympics and celebrate the fact that London is the place to be!