Keep your eye on Twitter for Olympic travel news

When the Olympics arrives this summer make sure you keep your eye on Twitter, it is to be used as an “early warning system” for problems during the Olympics.  Analysis of the 340 million tweets sent each day will help spot travel blackspots and warn of any potential disruptions. As we all know news spreads fast with twitter; last year’s London riots broke on here earlier than traditional media.

Social Travel Site

Have you used Twigmore? This five month old social-travel site allows you to book more than 5,500 activities in 400 destinations. You can share plans via Facebook with friends who are already at those destinations or planning to visit. Time to get searching!.

Facebook buys Instagram

You might have read recently that Facebook has acquired the photo-sharing app Instagram for $1billion. But has Facebook paid too much? Instagram is only 551 days old after all.  Dennis K Kergman, Editor of Wall Street Journal’s marketplace tweeted an extraordinary fact this week regarding this “Remember this day. 551-day-old Instagram is worth $1 billion. 116-year-old New York Times Co.: $967 million”.

New Google+ design

Google has unveiled “a more functional and flexible” version of Google+. The new site includes tweaks to navigation, the stream and hangouts.  It also shows what’s trending across the network with a new profile and bigger photos. It’s starting to look an awful lot like Facebook but will it get people using it as it doesn’t really offer any of the benefits other social network sites do.

Listen and learn with The Independent and Spotify

This week saw the launch of a new tool that allows you to listen to music whilst reading music related articles online in a new partnership with The Independent and Spotify. The Spotify button is now available on The Independent’s website and readers can listen to individual tracks, playlists or albums whilst reading articles. Last September saw the launch of ‘Recently Read’ with Facebook and has proved very popular, let’s see if this takes off!

And finally, Gemma Went wrote an interesting article this week on the state of play of Social TV. Do you ever think about the days when you and your family used to sit around the TV and watch the same programme together? Are those days still here? With more and more people choosing to watch programmes on their laptops and smartphones maybe those days are drifting away.